Faculties and Subdepartments

Law Faculty

The Law Faculty's strong point is focusing both on fundamental law disciplines and specialized courses holding, and practical courses. This combination is the strength of the faculty which prepares its highly qualified graduates to meet the demands of the labor market successfully.

Faculty of Management / State and Municipal Management

In 2004 the Institute introduced a new educational course "Management of the organization". This specialty is divided into three specializations so that students could choose the one according to their future place of work. In 2012 one more new specialty, "State and municipal management", was introduced.

Faculty of Additional Professional Education

In 1999 the faculty of additional professional education was set up. Since then over 12 thousand attendees from the Ministry of Justice; the Federal Customs Service; the Federal services of court enforcement officers; State registration, cadastre and cartography; court departments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation; EMERCOM offices; Federal state unitary enterprise "Russian television and broadcasting network"; regional funds of staff training and other state, municipal and commercial structures have improved their qualification and got professional retraining in 90 programs.

Faculty of Externship and Distance Learning

New information technologies have been actively introduced in the Institute during the whole period of its existence. In 2004 the Center of Externship and Distance Learning was added to the Institute's structure. The use of modern information technologies improved the quality of training, gave the possibility to resort to active methods of teaching, to increase its creative and intellectual components, provided perseverance and continuity of education. Technologies and methods that have been developed and introduced let students use a wide range of information resources. Each student has an unlimited individual access to the electronic library system containing all reference materials and literature on academic subjects he or she is studying.

Master studies

In 2009 the Institute launched training for a Master's degree and at present this training is conducted in three specialized programs. The first graduation of Masters was in 2012 with about 300 future Masters studying in the Institute at present.

Post graduate studies

Post graduate training has been carried out since 2001 in 4 fields. In 2008 the Joint Dissertation Council began its work at the Institute. At present theses are prepared in 2 scientific specialties. During these years the Council has approved theses of 41 candidates and post-graduates including 14 Institute's graduates.

College of Law

College of Law of International Law Institute was founded in 2000 and provides a secondary professional legal education. The college offers courses between 2 and 4 years (depending on student's level of education) which are based on a rigorous academic program combined with opportunities to train practical skills in legal profession.


Subdepartment of Civil Law

Subdepartment of Criminal Law

Subdepartment of Human Sciences and Natural Sciences

Subdepartment of International and European Law

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Subdepartment of Mathematics and Informatics

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Subdepartment of Linguistics

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