Scientific and Research work

The academic teaching staff carries out significant scientific and research work. Since 2001 the Institute has been publishing scientific information journal "Bulletin of the International Law Institute". The network of law clinics of the Institute and its branches help needy and other people to receive necessary information and legal aid in the sphere of law, protection of citizens' rights, taxation and others. Participation of students and professors in the work of such clinics ensures practical orientation in training and formation of professional competence.

Students' scientific societies are very active in the Institute and its branches. Some of their members are awarded grants of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government and governments of other regions of the Russian Federation, some are winners and awardees of various competitions both

International and organized by the Ministry of Justice of Russia, some are holders of grants of the regional Governments "Leader in education - 2004, 2005, 2006" and so on.

The students not only study fundamental theoretical subjects but also undergo practical training in the RF Federation Council, the State Duma, in the regional bodies of legislative and executive power, structural bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Arbitration Court, prosecutor's offices, the Bar, notaries system, regional municipal courts, big banking and business structures.

Civil Law Scientific and Research Laboratory

Civil Law Scientific and Research Laboratory named after D.I. Meyer was founded in 2008. The Laboratory is both carrying on a vast cultural and educational investigation as well as scientific and practice work and implements its research projects.

The Laboratory's mission is creation of special research field and cultural environment for legal science development and upbringing of young leaders who possess special competence and readiness for active actions and decisions. Laboratory's projects are directed to changing legal education quality and forming common cultural and professional competencies.

The Laboratory's main projects and achievements are the following:

1. Historical and legal research project "Our Research Heritage: Distinguished Russian Civil Lawyers"

2. Innovative area "Architecture of Court Proceedings"

3. Project "Architecture of Court Proceedings"

4. Project "Summer School in International Law Institute"

5. Project "Culture, Art and Law"

6. Comparative civil law

7. Cultural and educational project "The Bar in the late XIX - early XX centuries"

8. Project "Complementarium"

Civil law Laboratory not only organizes home research grounds but takes an active part in external events, performs on TV, keeps blogs and forums.