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International Law Institute (International Law Institute under the Ministry of Justice till 2009) was founded in Moscow in May 1992. During its 20-year existence, the Institute became one of the major independent institutions of higher education specializing in providing legal education.

Till 2005 the Institute was included into the system of higher education of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Later its legal status was changed and it became an independent higher professional educational institution. The Institute enjoys a solid reputation for the quality of its education and is certified by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation that recognizes the quality of the Institute's academic programs, considerable scientific work and broad research activities, thus allowing the Institute to award state-recognized degrees.

Initially based in Moscow, the Institute rapidly established a wide range of branches located in various regions of Russia, including the biggest cities such as Astrakhan, Smolensk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tula and 7 others. Over 16 thousand students study at 11 branches. During the years of its activities the Institute created modern material, teaching and training facilities and formed professional teaching staff. In most of the Institute's branches training is conducted in buildings and premises owned by the Institute where rooms and laboratories are equipped with all the necessary facilities. The staff and students of the Institute's branches actively participate in political, social and cultural life of their regions.

Over 20 thousand specialists with higher legal education and more than 3 thousand those with secondary professional education have graduated from the Institute. Our graduates work successfully in the bodies and institutions of the Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General's Office and Ministry of the Interior, courts of different levels and other state and administrative organizations, business structures both in Russia and abroad.

At present the Institute's academic teaching staff is able to solve the most complicated tasks at a high professional level. Over 780 people including 437 lecturers and professors are employed at the Moscow head Institute and at the Institute's branches. The level of staffing with lecturers having scientific degrees in core (law) subjects reaches 80%. Doctors and Professors in core sciences give to 14% of the total limit of lectures and seminars while in-service lecturers give over 60% of classes.

Practitioners like heads and leading staff of the federal and regional law enforcement agencies, courts and other organizations are also invited to deliver lectures and hold seminars.

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